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urging voters to get out and vote. The elections are framed as a referendum on policies of Obama and the Democratic Party, which controls both the Senate and the House. Pre-electi


em to hide from the law. What's worse is that they not only went about their traditional drug business, but diversified into other crimes. According to a report compiled by the Mex.


ly 2011, the recovery in those countries and in Canada is expected to weaken gradually. Furthermore, domestic demand growth in most major industrialized economies is weaker than ov.


:43 GMT Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The epicenter, with a depth of 126.64 km, was initially determined to be at 56.8099 degrees south latitude and 27.273 degrees wes.


eduled for June 5-6 in El Salvador. Former President Zelaya was ousted and deported to Costa Rica on charges of treason and violations of the constitution. Zelaya, who has lived in.

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s officials vowed on Wednesday that they will not bow to a threat from Arizona to cut off power to the city. Gary Pierce, one of five commissioners on the Arizona Corporation Comm.

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it down to discuss with the United Kingdom about the issue, taking into account the islands' interests," Fernandez said during the inauguration of the 128th ordinary period of the.

ose issues will be the focus of the 22-24 January talks at the Greentree Conference Center outside New York, Downer said. "Obviously there are elements in all of those chapters wh.

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