similarly unhealthy, but as these delights are only offered a few times a year, parents often make an exception and buy their children these same treats they themselves enjoyed y.

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A, Dec. 21 (Xinhua) -- Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro met here Saturday with visiting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to mark the 19th anniversary of the first trip to Hava.

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of the drought which enters the fourth year this year. In April, California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced the first ever 25 percent statewide mandatory water reductions a.

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there are reports that BP will be paying 10.5 billion dollars in dividend payments this quarter." "Now I don't have a problem with BP fulfilling its legal obligations, but I want .

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A) spied on over 60 million telephone calls in Spain between Dec. 10, 2012 and Jan. 8, 2013, according to allegations made on Monday. These allegations are based on the documents .

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e ceremony, the miners were decorated with the Bicentenary medal, an official flag and a small replica of the Fenix 2 rescue capsule. "We thank to our president, to our ministers, .

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the bulk of the metadata gathered on billions of emails and calls was more "data collection" than surveillance. "There is a huge difference between legal programs, legitimate spyin.

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ave been no new trees." "The human insensitivity to the natural processes and ecological understanding, the imposing of what is immediate convenient for us, is killing Pando," said.

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now blizzard made its way through the east coast. Major airlines grounded hundreds of flights in New York-area's LaGuardia, Newark and JFK Airport. The Port Authority of New York .

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