r reported stolen, but met with bullets by criminals. The shooting, which lasted over 30 minutes, killed eight people and a soldier, while another soldier was injured by gunfire. Af.

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id not seem possible in the lame-duck session. Obama's Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives to the opposition Republicans in the Nov. 2 mid-term elections but re.

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on Sunday to choose a new president, state governors, federal and state representatives and one third of the senators. Dilma Rousseff, the first female Brazilian president elected .

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h 26-27. Patriota said the summit also facilitated bilateral meetings, such as the meeting between Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and Chinese President Xi Jinping. "It was a lo.

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chedule a vote on the health insurance reform by March 18, as he indicated earlier, and Congressional Democrats are working to consolidate position inside their own caucus. Gibbs .

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and Islands in Britain, a new war is unlikely to break out, Argentine experts said Friday. Jorge Castro, president of Argentina's Institute for Strategic Planning, told Xinhua that .

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o use of controlled substances other than prescribed by a physician. Zimmerman, a 28-year-old neighborhood watch volunteer, shot the 17-year-old Martin on Feb. 26, claiming it was .

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usations about the alleged presence of Colombian guerilla chiefs in Venezuela's territory. Chavez also called a stronger Colombia-U.S. military relationship a threat to his country.

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percent of the country's population in 2011, mainly due to the increasing number of immigrants from non-European countries, according to the household survey. Visible minorities .

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