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ercent compared with the previous year, figures of the Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Highly Recyclable Cans (Abralatas) showed. Also according to Abralatas, Brazil has


-- Brazil on Thursday marked World Humanitarian Day to honor those who died while providing humanitarian aid worldwide. "These people who dedicated their lives to saving others de.


dings. Holmes' mother published a book three months ago about her son's severe schizophrenia, saying he should not be called a monster, but a "sick" man. But all week in court, tea.


ion of the diplomatic ties between the two countries. The talks were held as Ecuador and Colombia are taking steps to repair their estranged relations. Quito cut off diplomatic tie.


as heat and drought tolerance, disease and pest resistance, and seed health, as well as the nutritional and industrial quality of the grain, CIMMYT said in a statement. Carlos Sli.

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, from the street dealer to the actual supplier," said Claude Arnold, special agent in charge for the office. "We believe these defendants were responsible for funneling large quan.

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coalition. "After weeks of sitting and watching the battle unfold just as a stone's throw away, rather like a movie in a cinema, Turkey has adjusted its policy, finally allowing .

ing to issue a warning of the tsunami, which media say killed as many as, if not more than, did building collapses triggered by the 8.8-magnitude quake. The Chilean government Mond.

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